Category 5 Networking Cable

Category 5 Networking Cable
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  • Item #: CAT5-CABLE
This cable is used to connect the RTC-P3 to either the RTC-S2X Standard Door Sensor or the RTC-S2XL Long-Range Door Sensor.

It is also used to connect each of the two pieces of the RTC-S2XL Long-Range Door Sensor.

The number of footage equals the quantity entered. As an example, a quantity of 25 means 25 feet.

Important: This is the cable without the RJ45 connectors crimped on the ends. If you would like us to crimp the connectors on both ends, then you must also select the "CAT5-CRIMP" option too.

Also Important: As an example, if you need to order a 50' and 100' cable, you must enter it as two separate line items of quantities of 50 and 100. Do not enter 150 because this is one 150' cable. Also, for each cable that you want us to crimp, you must enter that quantity into the "CAT5-CRIMP" part.

Please call us with any questions or if you'd like to verify what you need.

Lead Time:The lead time for this product is typically 1-10 days, with an average of 3-5 days. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need a more exact shipping estimate.
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