RTC-P1 Electronic People Counter

RTC-P1 Electronic People Counter
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  • Item #: RTC-P1-GY
The RTC-P1 is an all-in-one people counter. The RTC-P1 keeps a single running traffic total. The RTC-P1 can accommodate entrances as wide as 13'. It is powered via a power supply, which is included in the price.

The RTC-P1 can count people passing through the infrared beams in both directions. However, the RTC-P1 can also provide 'directional sensing,' which allows the system to count in only one direction. In most cases, directional sensing is not necessary. That is because in most instances, the people will enter and exit through the entrance. When a people counter counts in both directions, you simply have to divide the traffic total in half in order to arrive at the correct traffic total.

So, unless you absolutely need directional sensing so that the system counts only in one direction, we would suggest that you use the EPC-IRD1 or the EPC-IRD1 and EPC-IRD1e instead. That is because the EPC-IRD1 People Counter and optional EPC-IRD1e is less expensive and smaller than the RTC-P1, as well as the fact that the EPC-IRD1 People Counter and EPC-IRD1e can be powered with batteries too. The EPC-IRD1 People Counter has all of the features of the RTC-P1, expect for the fact that the EPC-IRD1 People Counter does not have directional sensing ability.

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