RTC-P3 Electronic People Counter

RTC-P3 Electronic People Counter
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The RTC-P3 people counter gives you an enormous amount of flexibility. The RTC-P3 is a modular unit, not an all-in-one unit. This means that the RTC-P3 people counter and door sensors are housed in separate enclosures. The RTC-P3 people counter can be placed anywhere; however, it is usually placed behind the sales counter or in the back office, near the PC or POS to which the RTC-P3 is connected. The RTC-P3 can accept up to three door sensors. The RTC-S2X Standard Door Sensor and the RTC-S2XL Long-Range Door Sensor, which are sold separately and which connect to the RTC-P3 people counter via Category 5 Networking Cable.

The RTC-P3 can be connected to a PC or POS, but it is not required. Most customers keep the RTC-P3 connected to the PC or POS all the time. However, if you don't have a PC available, you can allow the system to accumulate traffic and then connect the RTC-P3 to a laptop every once in a while in order to transmit the data. The transmit process only takes a few seconds.

The standard door sensor that we use with the RTC-P3, the RTC-S2X, can sense traffic on entrances as wide as approximately eight feet in directional mode and approximately 13 feet in nondirectional mode. We also offer the optional RTC-S2XL, which is a long-range sensor that can be used with the RTC-P3 for entrances wider than 13 feet. This long-range sensor is useful for wide entrances such as those found in mall environments.

We also now offer a magnetic door sensor with pigtail connector wire that you can use instead of the RTC-S2X or RTC-S2XL.  This will save you money, but should only be used when you wish to sense and count "door swings" instead of people.  This new part number is RTC-MAG.

Important: You must also select at least one door sensor when purchasing this RTC-P3. The door sensor can be either the RTC-S2X Standard Door Sensor, the RTC-S2XL Long-Range Door Sensor or the RTC-MAG Magnetic Door Sensor (Part number RTC-MAG).

Lead Time: The lead time for this product is typically 1-14 days, with an average of 3-5 days. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need a more exact shipping estimate.

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